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For the Panorama City of Antoine Wilson’s new book of that name I decided to go with a collage that includes detail from Picasso’s famous sketch of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1955). Inspired by what Wilson says below, I took Picasso’s Panza and set him out on his own, against the sun from that same sketch — but x two for California dreaming — across the Panorama City map and signage.

AW: “Early on, when I was working out what Panorama City was going to be about, I came across the notion that Don Quixote was a creation of Sancho Panza’s,  that Sancho had dreamed him up. I thought it would be fun to write a sort of Sancho-centered book, something from the point-of-view of a sidekick. This was how Paul Renfro came to be. The earliest drafts had a lot more Renfro. But Oppen turned out to be more interesting in his own right.”

The colors were also suggested by the text of the interview.


To see and read more about Picasso’s sketch:  http://bit.ly/TGGt0D

The rest of Doug Browne’s interview with Antoine Wilson is here and I think it will make you want to read the book.

 “…Wilson is a California writer who has written a California book, but one that eschews all we have come to expect of Southern California literature: corruption, brutality, anxiety, racism, Hollywood, disaster, pornography. Instead, Wilson tells a quieter tale that takes us from a small town in the Central Valley to a small city in the San Fernando Valley, one you probably haven’t given much thought to, even as you may have passed it countless times in your car.” Doug Browne


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