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Flannery O’Connor also produced artful linoleum cut cartoons. Dig this one from our triptych:


Caption: “Do you have any books the faculty doesn’t particularly recommend?”

It’s there (and here) to represent contributor Glen David Gold’s review of Escape Velocity by Charles Portis and The Cartoons (of O’Connor.) Gold blows me away everytime. Check him out.

"For our purposes here, I need a word for the output created by an artist in a medium other than the one in which he or she is definitely gifted. For much of the time, this can just be a "hobby" — I think of Harry Dean Stanton playing guitar, for instance — but now and again, either through critical attention or bullhorn announcement courtesy of the artist himself, the secondary work ends up being considered important.

Oeuthre is a lovely word, which came courtesy of my friend Paul Armfield. It combines a feeling for the totality of the work, and otherness, along with a phonetic hint that seems, depending on the lighting, either shoddy or exotic. In July, at the San Diego Comicon, I stumbled over a book I did not know existed, collecting an oeuthre that sounded surreal — the cartoons of Flannery O’Connor. This handsome hardcover meticulously presents the linoleum prints she carved and sometimes captioned before the Iowa Writers’ Workshop gave her a new direction to follow.”

The panel is also part collage and the entire triptych blends two iguanas made one: Staring out at us while accompanying O’Connor’s library patron is the head of one of biologist-illustrator Ernst Haeckel’s brilliant studies and the body (which links to Lisa Locascio’s review of Diana Wagman’s latest novel, The Care and Feeding of Exotic Pets) is from a copper plate engraving by J. Pass (1793-1828.) Published in 1812, the iguana is from a print identifying multiple lizards, one that lives among lounge lacerta and other pictures at the Mid-Manhattan Library Picture Collection.


This fab, intricately composed picture from Wikimedia Commons is of Haeckel and Anthropologist Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay(did they take it of themselves?) How cool and contemporary do these two look? Of course they’re pulling it off, they’re originals. Eat your heart out, John Varvatos.

The meticulous works of J. Pass are also highly collectible, available through Antiquarian booksellers. Pass also has a page on the National Portrait Gallery website.

The tail of our Iguana turns on the third panel of the triptych in Honduras where James McGirk writes about Privatizing Paradise in the Murder Capital of the World.

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